October 10, 2019

The Band’s Visit has blown into Toronto like the jasmine scented wind that is a recurring image throughout the show.

The show that starts with the words: “Once, not long ago, a group of musicians came to Israel from Egypt. You probably didn’t hear about it. It wasn’t that important.” The self-deprecating humour of this sets the tone for the entire show.

October 2, 2019

Summer is officially over, but at least mother nature gifted us with a glorious end to the season. While the weather may be cooling, our theatres are heating up! If you missed the Facebook Live subscription event, check out the highlights here. There are so many incredible shows headed our way including the return of Miss Saigon! I can hardly believe it, and judging by all the hearts you were throwing at the announcement I think you all agree.

September 27, 2019

Over the past 56 years – since 1963 when Ed Mirvish bought, saved from demolition and restored the forgotten and neglected Royal Alexandra Theatre – Mirvish Productions has brought the city eclectic and distinguished plays from around the world. Now, Toronto ranks as a world capital of theatrical culture.  

Meanwhile is our new online magazine about all things theatrical. Whether you are a season subscriber, a regular theatre-goer, or just a casual viewer this is where we will set the scene, share background information, explore themes, and fill you in about all that’s happening on the Mirvish stages.