Terms & Conditions of Ticket Sales

The holder of a valid ticket is admitted to the theatre on the condition that the holder agrees, and by use of the ticket does so agree in favour of the producer and the theatre owner (Mirvish Productions), to the following terms and conditions. Any violation of these terms will entitle Mirvish Productions to, as applicable, seize or cancel the ticket, withdraw the license granted below, refuse admission and/or expel a ticket-holder, in each case without payment of any refund or other compensation.

The ticket is a personal, revocable license. Lost, stolen or destroyed tickets will not be honoured. Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale by anyone without the permission of Mirvish Productions and may not be resold at a price exceeding their face value at any time.

The ticket may not be used for advertising, promotion or for any other trade purposes.

Tickets obtained from any source other than Mirvish Productions and its authorised agents may be lost, stolen or counterfeit tickets and may not be honoured.

The license may be withdrawn and admission refused at any time upon refunding the printed purchase price, including in the event of cancellation of the performance.

Any person entering the auditorium, regardless of age, must hold a valid ticket and have an assigned seat. Patrons must occupy their assigned seats and may not move to other locations in the theatre without permission. Young children may be seated in a parents' lap only if they have a ticket and an assigned seat beside that occupied by the parent. Children under the age of two will not be admitted.

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the theatre.  A variety of snacks and drinks are available for purchase on site and all are allowed in the auditorium. If prohibited, there will be signage indicating this at the theatre.  We are committed to ensuring the enjoyment of all patrons. As a reminder, please refrain from munching, crunching or the rattling of bags.

A ticket-holder must ensure that the holder and any minors or others for whom the holder is responsible conduct themselves appropriately and in a manner which is not determined by Mirvish Productions or its representatives to be objectionable or disturbing to other patrons.

All performances begin promptly as scheduled, and there are no refunds for latecomers. Latecomers will be admitted only at a suitable break in the performance, and seating location will be at the discretion of the management. If you are late, it may not be possible to seat you until the intermission; if the production has no intermission, you may not be admitted at all. Latecomers may watch the show on the television in the lounge.

The following items are restricted, may not be brought into the theatre and may be confiscated by theatre staff: alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, weapons of any kind, bottles, cans, food products purchased outside the theatre and all forms of audio/video/image recording or transmitting devices. The ticket-holder consents to a reasonable examination of the holder's person and belongings to ensure compliance with these terms. The ticket-holder is prohibited from transmitting or aiding in transmitting any picture, video, audio or reproduction of the performance.

The ticket-holder grants to Mirvish Productions a fully-paid, perpetual right to all photographs, video or audio recordings of the holder taken or made at the performance and the right to record, use, reproduce, broadcast, sell and distribute any photographs, video or audio recordings for any purpose.

All artists and programs or program portions are subject to change. Due to the nature of live performance, Mirvish Productions does not warrant that the ticket-holder will be satisfied with the performance or that it will be free of technical difficulties.

The ticket-holder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger of personal injury and hazards arising from or related in any way to the performance, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event and releases Mirvish Productions from all liability.