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Toronto Theatre Starts With the Mirvish App

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The Mirvish app, available for free download on Apple and Android devices, provides you with a complete theatre experience, all in one spot! You can purchase tickets to your favourite shows, receive reminder notifications of your upcoming performances, add tickets to your digital wallet, share tickets*, and read a digital version of the house programme before taking your seat and much more!

* Google Wallet ticket sharing is not presently supported.

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  1. Open the Mirvish app.
  2. Go to the Menu, located in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Go to My Account and login.
    1. If you have an existing Mirvish account, please login with the same email and password used to purchase tickets on You must use this account to access your tickets and other features.
    2. If you don’t have an account, please Register an account.
  4. The home screen should now give you a welcome message, with the name on your account.
  5. Make sure you are logged in every time you use the app in order to access your tickets and other features.
  1. Go to Menu, located in upper left-hand corner.
  2. Go to My Account, then Account Info.
  3. Update your information where applicable and press UPDATE. Please note this will update your Mirvish account when logging in through other devices.
  1. Login to the app using your Mirvish account email and password.
  2. Shows on-sale or coming up are visible on the home screen. They can also be accessed through the Menu under Shows & Tickets.
  3. Choose a performance date and follow the process of purchasing your seats.
  4. To be able access your tickets on the Mirvish app, make sure to choose mobile tickets as your method of ticket delivery.
  5. Your purchased tickets will be visible on the home screen and under My Account, then My Tickets.
  1. Purchased tickets will be visible on your home screen. Displayed will be the name date and time of your show, plus the number of tickets you ordered.
  2. Press the selected production to access your tickets.
  3. Your mobile tickets will display, one ticket per screen. Use the red arrow to scroll through your tickets.
  4. You can present your mobile tickets, on your phone, when entering the theatre. The usher will need to scan each QR code.

1. Log in to the Mirvish app using your login credentials.

2. From the Home Screen, select tickets for your upcoming productions OR select My Tickets from the sidebar menu to see all the ticket orders you have purchased and click the date to view your tickets.

3. Click Add to Apple/Google Wallet in the centre of the ticket. If you have more than one ticket, it will ask Add all tickets for this performance, or just this one?

4. Your tickets should now be viewable in your digital wallet.

If you have been issued new tickets, it will not change the tickets in your digital wallet. Please follow the instructions on how to remove the pass for the old tickets when adding your new tickets.

1. To remove old tickets from your digital wallet, first locate the tickets in your wallet.

2. Click the 3 dots 3 small dotsor the “i” on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Click “Remove Pass”.

1. To share a ticket from the Apple Wallet, click the three dots on the top right of the screen and click “Pass Details”.
three dots lined up in a word

2. Click the share icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Icon will look like an up arrow with a square around it.

3. By clicking this share button, this will allow you to choose how and who to send to. You will need to do this for each ticket you are looking to share.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that you are sharing tickets and NOT transferring tickets. Therefore, both you and the person you are sharing with will have a copy of the ticket. You will need to remove pass on your wallet after sharing the ticket.

Sharing tickets from the Google Wallet is presently not supported. Please refer to the HOW DO I SHARE MY MOBILE TICKETS? if you are a Google Wallet user.


  1. Click on the show you wish to share your tickets for on the Home Screen or under My Account, then My Tickets. 
  2. Your mobile ticket(s) should now be visible.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click the button SEND TO A FRIEND.
  4. Enter the email address of the person you want to send the tickets to.
  5. Push the slider beside each ticket you wish to share to the right.
  6. Push the SEND TO FRIEND button.
  7. You will receive confirmation of the tickets being sent. The recipient will receive an email containing the shared tickets. Please note, the shared tickets are not accessible in the app by the recipient. They can present their emailed tickets on their phone for admission.

IMPORTANT: It is important to note that shared tickets will remain in the app of the original purchaser, even after they have been shared.

  1. Login to the app using your Mirvish subscription account email and password.
  2. Your Subscriber Card will automatically appear on your home screen as a barcode, along with your name and subscriber designation. It can also be accessed under My Account > Subscriber Card.

Present your digital Subscriber Card on your device at any of the Mirvish theatre bars and concessions, plus the Princess of Wales parking garage, to access your special discount.

When you first download the Mirvish app you will be asked to opt-in to receive push notifications. A push notification is a message that pops up on your mobile device and will appear like a text message or mobile alert. There is no cost to this feature. Mirvish Productions will occasionally send push notifications to alert you to ticket on-sales, special offers or important information.

You may opt-out of push notifications at any time by:

  1. Opening the Mirvish app.
  2. Go to the Menu, located in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Go to Settings, then Notifications. Swipe the slider to the left to opt-out. You may be prompted to go into your device settings and switch off notifications for the Mirvish app.

Mirvish Productions will be providing a digital version of its free house programme for many of its shows. Now you can access the programme before you arrive at the theatre!

Accessing digital programmes through the Mirvish app:

  1. Open the Mirvish app.
  2. Go to the Menu, located in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Go to Programmes.
  4. Select the show you are attending and open the programme.
  5. Enjoy!