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Theatre Etiquette Guidelines

Thank you for choosing a field trip to the theatre! For some of you, this will be your first time attending a live theatrical performance – a special and exciting experience that is very different from watching a movie or TV program, or attending a sporting event. To help you prepare for your visit, we have put together some helpful tips and basic “Dos & Don’ts”. Please review these items with your students so that everyone can arrive at the theatre with a clear sense of what to expect, and what is expected of them.



When you attend a live theatrical performance, you are not just an observer; you are an active participant in the creation of the moment. In fact, you, the audience, are the magic ingredient needed to transform the rehearsal of a show into a live performance. And while the same show may be performed many times, no two performances are exactly the same because each audience is made up of different people. The performance you attend will be shaped in part by how you and your fellow audience members respond to, and engage with, what is happening on stage.

It is also important to remember that live theatre is exactly that - live. It is happening in real time, performed by and for real people in a shared collective space. Unlike a movie or recorded program, there is no pausing or rewinding the action. If you are distracted for a moment (or if you distract someone else) that moment in the show is lost forever. When you choose to attend a live theatrical performance, it is understood that you accept the responsibility of your role as a member of the audience. You are agreeing to give your attention to the actors on stage, to be taken on the imaginative journey they are offering, and to allow your fellow audience members to do the same without distraction.


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Enjoy the show!