November 24, 2020

We have turned the corner from plausible deniability to harsh reality: It’s cold. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, but we’ve got one milestone to celebrate (before we focus entirely on the juggernaut that is a mere month away)  Come From Away-iversary. Take a look back at some of the incredible moments and test your CFA knowledge. If you are clever enough you could win a special prize. To help keep the celebration going, SnL are taking us to Newfoundland to check in with some of Canada’s favourite artists, all of whom happen to be proud Newfoundlanders. They share personal stories and their love for their home province. And if you are looking to add a bit of mystery to your life join us for a video conversation with Katie Daubs, the journalist and author of The Missing Millionaire. Her thrilling new book attempts to solve the century-old cold case of the disappearance of Toronto theatre impresario Ambrose Small. Let’s get started!

November 24, 2020
Zoom with Katie Daubs

In this Zoom interview, Katie Daubs tells us all about her research into tycoon Ambrose Small's disappearance and what she discovered.

October 27, 2020

At 113 years old, the Royal Alex is the country’s most famous haunted theatre, with a treasure trove of more than a century of ghost sightings. 

Dare to venture into the shuttered Royal Alexandra Theatre (the last performance there was on Friday the 13th of March!) for a ghost tour of this hallowed building.

Mirvish Productions is the premier name in Toronto Theatre, bringing musicals, dramas, comedies and more to the theatre stage for over 50 years.

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