The Office! A Musical Parody

Singing! Dancing! Paper! 

It's a typical morning at Scranton's third largest paper company until, for no logical reason, a documentary crew begins filming the lives of the employees of Dunder Mifflin.

THE OFFICE! A MUSICAL PARODY, currently selling out the Jerry Orbach Theatre in New York City, lovingly pokes fun at the hit TV show “The Office.” Don’t miss this hilarious unauthorized musical parody featuring your favourite coworkers from Dunder Mifflin. 

Featuring songs such as “Welcome to Scranton (The Electric City),” “That’s What She Said,” “The Dundies,” “Marry Me Beesly,” and more.

The world's most elaborate inside joke, created with a whole lot of love, just for fans. – Mashable
One of the most successful shows currently running Off-Broadway. – BroadwayWorld
The show is straight, fast-paced comedy that explores nearly all (and I mean ALL) of the favorite moments from The Office… A must see for any fan of The Office. – The Pop Break