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Cliff Cardinal by Dahlia Katz

As You Like It or,
The Land Acknowledgement


March - April 2023


CAA Theatre

651 Yonge St, Toronto
ON, M4Y 1Z9

3 show off-mirvish season

In September 2021, just as theatres were starting to reopen after the long pandemic hiatus, Crow’s Theatre, one of the city’s most eclectic and adventuresome companies, decided to begin with an audacious new show. They said very little about it. Only that it was a “radical retelling by Cliff Cardinal” of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. There were no further details, no cast list, nothing. Of course, most people know As You Like It as one of the bard’s most accessible and whimsical plays. How was Cliff, a young Indigenous playwright and actor acclaimed for his acerbic, mischievous humour and willingness to deal with raw emotions and difficult subject matter, going to retell this classic of Western theatre?

When the show was finally on stage, word spread about it like wildfire. Its first audiences raved: it was essential viewing, a surprising, powerful, thrilling, and moving piece of theatre they will never forget. As more people saw the show, it became clear that what Cliff was doing with his new work was examining the relationship between the Indigenous community and the rest of Canada. He was showing us what a young, smart and insightful artist from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation sees in the aftermath of the discovery of unmarked graves on the grounds of former residential schools. He was offering us the unvarnished truth of the state of the reconciliation process this country has been attempting for the last few decades. He was using theatre to do what it always had done: open our eyes to what has been going before us in plain sight if we only took a few moments to pay attention to someone other than our own selves.

Called “the Canadian arts surprise of the year" by the Globe and Mail, Cliff’s brilliant play As You Like It or, The Land Acknowledgement will dazzle and engage you as only the best theatre can.

As You Like It or, The Land Acknowledgement
Written by and Starring Cliff Cardinal
A Crow’s Theatre Production

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As subversive as it is amusing. - STIR VANCOUVER
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