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While We Wait...

It is high summer and despite the continued uncertainties of this crazy world I am soaking up this school break with my children and loving almost every minute.

Of course, I have not been able to escape the complaints of boredom on some of our more uneventful days but I love those days just as much because it gives us a chance to find something creative to do together.

If you’re on the hunt for some low-carbon, pandemic-safe, child-friendly activities, these have been my favourites:

Botanical Hammering Art – I have yet to meet a child whose face doesn’t light up when I give them a hammer to smash something with. This is a pretty no fuss project but it’s been on regular rotation. Send the children out to collect flowers and leaves in various colours. Give them a piece of paper and instruct them to hammer the colour right out of the plant and onto the paper. That’s it. Art. (Caution – be sure the plants you are using are non-toxic and keep fingers out of the way.)

Beach Glass Wind Chime – We found a beach on one of our bike rides that was covered in beach glass. The kids spent an hour filling every pocket they had. We jingled home and poured out our findings. They arranged the glass in rows and I wrapped floral wire around the pieces to make long strands. We then attached them to one of our grapevine wreaths.

Egg Carton Wisteria Wall Hanging – This one was super fun. I cut up a ton of egg cartons and we mixed up different shades of purple and pink paint to colour them with. We used green yarn to string up multiple strands and attached them to a couple of branches. I love how whimsical it looks hung up and the kids are quite proud. We may add to it if we have another boring day which I’m sure we will.

DIY Tassel Shirt – We used a men’s shirt on the way out for donation and cut the bottom half into strips to make this cool upcycle. I might have to make one for myself before the summer is through! Tip: Add beads; extra groovy.

Crafting with kids can be fun but my advice before getting started would be to keep your expectations low and expect a mess. The fun is in the process more than the result.