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Come From Away Reopens in London

After 495 dark days, London’s Olivier Award-winning production of Come From Away reopened at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End on July 22. The venue is appropriately named because the show has come back renewed and re-energized with a new purpose: to remind everyone that from adversity comes kindness, hope and community.

Clive Davis, the theatre critic for The Times, was at the first performance. This is how he described it in his five-star review: “Back in business at the Phoenix, the production embodies a spirit of communal endeavour that is badly needed at the moment. The audience was certainly in the mood to celebrate — there was an ecstatic standing ovation as the opening anthem, “Welcome to the Rock”, faded away. Such euphoria is normally reserved for Les Mis. I sniffily maintained my critical distance for a while. By the end we were all on our feet. A stirring example of theatre at its most imaginative.”

reviewer comments
What a sensational, emotional evening. This is a true ensemble show and each gave their all, so clearly elated to be back doing their thing. And the audience loved being there with them. Simply amazing! - Matt Hemley, The Stage
A rhapsodic welcome #backtotherock tonight for  @ComeFromAwayUK. I’ve looked long and hard at this show and yet to spot a misjudged moment, wasted action or erroneous song. And it’s all done in 100 minutes. it’s perfect. Welcome Back Islanders! - Paul Phear, Smooth Radio
CFA was my first show after the big lockdown ended and it couldn’t have been a more perfect choice. Connection, community and resilience in the face of an incomprehensible and sudden shock and shift in the way we live. - Simon Bowden
Just seen the ecstatic return of @ComeFromAwayUK. From the prolonged roar when it started, to several standing ovations during the show, this most heartfelt of musicals — exemplifying the spirit of human kindness in the most extreme situation — is just the show we need back. Truly inspiring and heartfelt - Mark Shenton