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Come From Away – The Boat

Toronto Star investigative journalist and photographer Dale Brazao was known as the best sleuth in the country. If there was something somebody was trying to hide, he could find it and there would be a long exposé about it, usually on the front page of the Star. He’s been retired now for some years, but his skills have not gone to waste. He can still sleuth out what’s new, interesting, unusual and newsworthy.

Brazao did just that last week when he came across a handsome boat at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club called, of all things, “Come From Away”. Even more intriguing: the boat’s name is painted in the musical’s typeface and the “O” resembles the show’s graphic logo of a globe.

Who does the boat belong to? A super fan of the show? A proud Newfoundlander?

If you are the owner of this boat or if you know who owns it, please let us know. We’d love to find out the story behind it.