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Check In From Away Episode 32

SnL’s guests are actor Ali Momen and musician and actor Torquil Campbell. Ali you will remember as one of the stars of Come From Away and the person behind the Arts New Deal, a movement modelled on the Works Progress Administration of the New Deal in the United States during the 1930s. He is also an aspiring politician, running to win the Liberal nomination in Parkdale-High Park. Torquil is the co-lead singer and a songwriter for the indie rock band Stars. His theatre work most recently includes writing and starring in True Crime, produced at Crow's Theatre.

When the pandemic struck Ali and Torquil created a weekly podcast to make sense of it all. Called Soft Revolution, the podcast features conversations with artists, scientists, doctors, academics and journalists about the latest in the world of art, society, culture and politics. The conversations are described as "lively, free of crap, and with a unique perspective that only these two guys can bring".

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