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Blindness Rave Reviews

Here is the extensive list of Blindness reviews. There are 13 reviews in total and each has a link below. We’ve used “pull quotes” (an insider term for the excerpts used for advertising) for some of the reviews. By the way, our favourite pull quote of all time for any show ever produced in Toronto is this one from The Globe and Mail theatre critic J. Kelly Nestruck: “When I spotted producer David Mirvish, I had to repress an urge to give him a hug.” It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

 out of 4!“A brilliant, deeply moving and profoundly uplifting experience!” — Karen Fricker, Toronto Star
Review: Open your ears to the extraordinary theatre experience of Blindness — Toronto Star

 out of 5!“Brilliant! Juliet Stevenson deserves a special acting award. Don’t be surprised if, like me, you find yourself tearing up a bit thinking about the future – of both the art form you’re experiencing and the world itself.” — Glenn Sumi, NOW
Review: Blindness marks a brilliant return to indoor theatre – NOW Toronto

“Thrilling... took my breath away. A glorious return to indoor theatre.” — J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail
Review: Blindness: A real pleasure to see you again, Princess of Wales Theatre – The Globe and Mail

“Mesmerizing! Astonishing! Thrilling! Exquisite! So emotional, I wept hard and quietly behind my mask.  I can’t think of a better experience to bring us back to the theatre and its incredible possibilities for story-telling, engagement and community.” — Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter
Review: Blindness — Slotkin Letter

“A unique and mind-boggling piece of art that is a wonder to witness and a great return to in-person theatre.” — Samantha Wu, Mooney on Theatre
Review: Blindness (Donmar Warehouse with Mirvish) — Mooney On Theatre

“An electrifying, galvanizing and intoxicating production that still resonates within my very soul even as I write this the next morning.”— Joe Szekeres, OnStage
Review: Canadian Premiere of Blindness at the Princess of Wales Theatre - Onstage Blog

Review: Blindness – Stage Door Review

Review: Blindness (Theatre) Review: Turning A Blind Eye – Toronto Guardian

Review: Blindness – Review of Unbelievable Theatre at Princess of Wales – Greek Press

Review: Scrutiny | Blindness Gets Us Back Into Theatre – Ludwig Van Blog

Review: Upside-down and perfectly of this pandemic moment: Mirvish presentation of Blindness enthralls – Sesay Arts Blog

Review:  How to Return Home: Blindness by Simon Stephens – Intermission Magazine

Review: Blindness Leads Us Back Inside the Theatre — Auburn Lane