Dear Subscriber,

I hope you and yours are well. This is certainly a very different world than the one we knew at this time last year.

I am encouraged by the recent news of two fully tested and successful vaccines, one of which has already been approved and will very soon be available to the public in Britain. With other vaccines at the end of their trial periods, we will be in a very good situation for our world to return to its pre-pandemic safety.

We informed you back in April that we had postponed the start of the new Mirvish subscription season until the beginning of the new year. It is truly heartwarming that 95% of our subscribers have remained with us over these past nine months. We are thankful for your continued loyalty and support.

Given that the new year is just around the corner, we feel that at this time it is best we continue to “pause” performances until the Public Health officials have told us it is safe to reopen the theatres.

We continue to work with the TELUS Health Medical Advisory Council, a team of Canadian medical experts who have been advising us in our efforts to prepare an informed, science-based, and compassionate pandemic response. This team has told us that, given the recent vaccine news, they believe fall 2021 will be the right time to reopen theatres and restart performances. Therefore we are now planning to begin the new main subscription season, which you are already subscribed to, in September 2021.

To thank you for your commitment while we await the return to public safety, we are planning for the new subscription season to have seven magnificent shows. That’s one more show than the six you have already subscribed to and paid for. The extra show is our gift to you for your patience and understanding.

As well as the seven shows (for the original price you paid for six), the new main subscription season will include these valuable benefits – retention of your same great seats, no service charges on the purchase of extra tickets, priority ticket access to all extra shows, and the personal customer service that allows you the flexibility and understanding you need.

The new subscription season will consist of musicals, dramas and comedies. We are working now to confirm the playbill with our peers and partners around the world, some of whom have already begun to reopen their theatres in London’s West End, Australia, South Korea and Japan. It will include some of the titles we have already announced, but there will also be a few exciting new surprises which we believe will delight you. There will definitely be two or more blockbusters in the mix. The lineup will be confirmed when we have all the details finalized.

As I mentioned in my last communication to you, we continue to work tirelessly with members of our government to build a comprehensive reopening plan so that we can provide the safety, certainty and comfort to welcome you back to the theatre.

Finally, my staff have created an online programme that lists all the shows that have played in our theatres since my family purchased, saved from demolition, and restored the Royal Alex. The first show after the restoration was Never Too Late in September 1963. I fondly remember that special night. It was the beginning of my family’s dedication to theatre in Toronto, a commitment that nothing will stop us from continuing.

When the theatres reopen in September 2021, it will be 58 years of offering the best shows to you. It will also be just as many subscription seasons, because subscription has always been and will continue to be the core of our company.

Take a look at this interactive list of shows. You’ve probably seen many of them. The list may bring back memories of the magic and power of theatre.

Take me to the history of Mirvish Theatre timeline!

On behalf of everyone at Mirvish Productions, I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year.


David Mirvish

Covid-19 Related FAQ's For Subscribers

The theatres will reopen when health officials declare that it is safe again for people to gather together in public spaces.

We are hopeful that we will be able to re-open our theatres this autumn. Certain other countries have re-opened their theatres or are about to. Australian theatres have been operating since January 2021. Theatres in the UK are poised to re-open at 100% on June 21. In the United States, theatres are now open at 25% and are gearing up to open at 100% in September. In each of these cases, government public health officials have  provided the timeline, framework and protocols for a safe re-opening. It will be the same in Canada. We will not act alone; we will take all our directives from government and public health officials. We will update you as new details are available.

When the time is right and we can safely return to the theatre, we will be ready to present a season of seven spectacular shows, plus many more extra shows off subscription!  We are just as eager as you to get back to seeing live entertainment. 

Our offices had to shut down midway through the renewal season. All change requests received during the renewal period (seat and date changes) have been paused until we know when the season will resume.  Your request has been kept and will be reviewed prior to final seating. Thank you for your patience.

Updated October 15, 2020
Instalment plans have been paused until further notice.  You will be notified once your instalments will resume. Thank you to those Subscribers who have continued to complete their payments. 

Yes, you can still renew and receive all the great benefits of Subscribing, including paying the lower renewal price.  You can renew by logging into your account or by calling 1.800.461.3333 from Monday to Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

To thank you for your commitment while we await the return to public safety, we are planning for the new subscription season to have seven magnificent shows. That’s one more show than the six you have already subscribed to and paid for. The extra show is our gift to you for your patience and understanding.

They certainly are! In fact, our team have been using this time to enhance our subscription systems so that we can provide even more information to you when it's time to return to the theatre. 

For Subscribers also holding an Off-Mirvish subscription, please note there are currently no changes to the 3-show season.

Once you have a credit, you may want to convert it into a refund. Please call 1.800.461.3333 from Monday to Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

To apply your credit to a renewed 2020/21 Subscription on an instalment plan or towards your un-renewed Subscription seats, you may email subscriptions@mirvish.com with your subscriber number or call 1.800.461.3333 from Monday to Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

The original deadline to renew your 2020/21 Subscription fell during the beginning of the self-isolation action against the virus. So we have extended it until further notice.

We have kept your seats and we will honour the renewal price; so it is not too late to renew and take your place in the 2020/21 Season.

Mirvish money on the Subscriber card will be extended until further notice, unless you have renewed for the 2020/21 Subscription Season. In that case it does not expire. The Mirvish money on your card has no cash value and cannot be refunded.

We are in discussions with the producers of  HAMILTON for a return engagement as soon as it is safe to do so and as soon as it can be arranged by them.

Mirvish subscribers whose performance was cancelled will have first priority access to tickets to the return engagement at the same prices and sections as the original run.

In consideration of the rapidly evolving situation around Coronarvirus-19 and the recommendations made by Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health we have made the decision to postpone our public on sale date until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and to stay in contact with government and health organisations in Canada to ensure we are following the very latest advice.

We understand that this delay is disappointing; please remember that this postponement is temporary. We will provide updates about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child public on sale at mirvish.com and harrypotteronstage.com/ca.

Thank you for your understanding in this rapidly developing situation, where the health and safety of audiences and staff must come first. We look forward to sharing a magical experience with you very soon.

A Mirvish credit is a show of support for the people who work in the performing arts in general and at Mirvish Productions in particular: the artists on stage, the creative teams and artisans that create each show, the backstage staff, the front-of house staff, the box office and ticket agents, the administrative workers, and all those whose livelihoods depend on a busy and thriving cultural sector. A credit is your vote of confidence in the return of a strong and vibrant artistic community. So, if you have a ticket for a performance that has now been cancelled, the best way to continue supporting the arts is to leave it as a credit on you account.


In this area you will find all the information you require to get the most out of being a Mirvish Subscriber.  Purchasing your seats is just the beginning of your theatrical experience.  Visit this section often to purchase extra tickets with no service charges, find a complete listing of season shows, read past issues of the Subscriber newsletters and view a complete list of restaurant and attraction offers and much more!




Thank you for being a Mirvish Subscriber!

David Mirvish