David Mirvish Presents the Hope and Hell Theatre Co production of Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar

Four taboo topics for a dinner party.

A New York dinner party. A shattering cultural collision. When discussion turns to politics and religion, the match is lit on a combustible powder keg of identity politics.

After smashing box office records last season, the Hope and Hell Co. production of DISGRACED returns for a strictly limited engagement. This provocative and daring tale that The Globe and Mail calls “excellent” and “fearless” is a must-see for all theatre-goers!

Written by Ayad Akhtar—a new voice who “finds urgent dramatic connections that serious theatregoers crave” (The Washington Post)—this provocative tale of big city aspiration and cultural assimilation dares to face the truth hiding just below the deception.

BLAZINGLY URGENT! It grabs your attention. A taut production … unsparingly well performed. – National Post
EXCELLENT! FEARLESS! Throbs with mounting tension! Demands our deeper understanding.
Superbly performed by Raoul Bhaneja. – The Globe & Mail