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Brent Carver's New Album Receives a Long-awaited Posthumous Release

New Album Receives a Long-awaited Posthumous Release

Walk Me To The Corner features 13 of Brent Carver’s favourite songs

When news of Brent Carver’s death at the age of 68 came in August 2020, we were in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although his passing had nothing to do with Covid, it was at a time when we were all in constant shock, and Carver’s death was one more reason to grieve. This titan of Canadian stage and screen had been with us since his professional debut at the age of 20 in 1971, becoming an integral part of Canadian culture for five decades.

His was a life lived on stage and in film, telling stories that mattered to him, playing characters both big and small, performing classics and new work, playing Broadway theatres and small alternative spaces. He was unafraid to experiment, working with established artists and new voices. He was true artist whose choices were eclectic, always following his heart and instincts instead of seeking fame and fortune. 

It was inconceivable that he was gone. We wanted so much more of him.

Now, two years since his passing, he has given us a final gift: the posthumous release of Walk Me To The Cornera lovingly created new album of his favourite songs. They include standards, show tunes, classics and his own work, interpreted in a very personal and meaningful way.

“The Falling In Love With You Part” (Don & Jeff Breithaupt) © 2003 Green Dolphin Music
“I’ll Change” (Brent Carver/Laura Burton)
"When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along)” (Harry Woods) / "Great Expectations” (Eric Carmen) 
“Running Out Of Heroes” (Griffiths/Vickers) 
“A Lover’s Concerto” (J.S. Bach/D. Randell & S. Linzer)
“Don’t Let Me See You Cry” (Void Un Ami Pleura, Jacques Brel)
“Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” (Ray Evans/Jay Livingston)
“Changing the Guards” (A.A. Milne) / "When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich” (Lyrics E.Y. Harburg, Music Burton Lane)
“My Land” (Min Vlakke Land, Jacques Brell)
Si Les Bateaux — If All the Ships” (Vent Qui Vire Editios: Gilles Vigneault)
“The World is Changing” (Leslie Arden)
“The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy” (Joe Jackson)

Produced by Carver himself; orchestrated by his longtime friend and arranger Jim Pirie, a legend in the music business; recorded by Gary Gray, the Juno Award-winning engineer who over a long career at Manta Sound oversaw the recordings of countless Canadian artists, orchestras and groups; and featuring 50 of Canada’s finest musicians in the studio orchestra, Walk Me To The Corner is a labour of love, a work created by instinct and experience after a long career as a leading light in the performing arts. 

“Brent worked on this album off and on for a decade, from about 2008 to 2019.” explained Gray. “He was always a perfectionist, but more so with this project. We would record a song and a few months later he would want to rerecord it. This wasn’t a small project. Brent lavished huge amounts of talent, time and money on it. He was doing this his way, unrestricted by the conventions of the commercial music industry. 

"Then, one day Brent passed away. Suddenly I realized I was the custodian of this decades-long, very personal project. I had the recording masters, the sheet music, everything."

Gray contacted Carver’s sister in British Columbia. She knew her brother wanted the recording to be made public. She took it upon herself to make it a reality, even though she had no experience in the matter. With the help of some of Carver’s friends, she secured music rights and clearances, finally making Carver’s longtime project a reality.

Composer/songwriter Marek Norman said of Carver’s new recording: “Upon reading the eclectic array of titles included on Brent Carver’s exquisite CD offering, it’s evident that this unique, adventurous artist was attracted to material that challenged and provoked his audience.

“Brent’s uncompromising approach to life is so clearly reflected in his choice of songs. He was enamoured of lyric and melody, wielding both as a magician would some sleight of hand trickery.

“Much of Brent’s genius lived deep within the shaded contours of human emotion. Rarely, if ever, were any of us, his devoted admirers, privy to the secrets that flew from shadow to shadow.

“Sing on, dear Brent, sing on!" 

It’s as if Brent’s spirit is preserved in a recording of a baker’s dozen songs.

Walk Me To The Corner is $20 and available online at and at the Royal Alexandra Theatre.