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Contact Us

Ticket Enquiries:

284 King St. W.
Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1J2

tel 416.872.1212
toll free 1.800.461.3333
fax 416.593.8562

TicketKing Staff:
James Aldridge, General Manager
Alan Forsyth, Phone Operations Manager

Email: customerservice@ticketking.com

Media Enquiries:

Email: press@mirvish.com

Lost & Found

The Royal Alexandra Theatre: 416.593.4216
The Princess of Wales Theatre: 416.351.9011, ext. 338
The Ed Mirvish Theatre: 416.364.4100
The Panasonic Theatre: 416.928.5963, ext. 0

Email: customerservice@ticketking.com

Subscriptions and Group Sales

284 King St. W.
Suite 310
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1J2

David Linton, Subscriptions Operations Manager
Gerard Raju, Subscriptions Services Manager
Paulyn Raman, Associate Manager - Subscriptions Operations
Dave Pelley, Customer Service Coordinator

tel 416.593.4225
toll-free 1.800.771.3933
fax 416.593.1781
Email: subscriptions@mirvish.com

Link to Mirvish Subscriptions web page
Link to Mirvish Subscription Tele Sales Staff

Group Sales
tel 416.593.4142
toll free 1.800.724.6420
fax 416.593.1781
Email: groups@mirvish.com

Link to Mirvish Group Sales web page

Production and Administration:

Mirvish Productions
284 King St. W.
Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1J2

tel 416.593.0351
fax 416.593.9221

Production and Administrative Staff:
David Mirvish, Producer
Brian Sewell, Executive Producer
Linda Intaschi, Associate Producer
David Mucci, Managing Director
Sarah Sisko, Assistant Producer
Scot Whitham, Director of Production
Charles Chu, Associate General Manager
Hannah Mirvish, General Management Associate
Camillo Casciato, Director of Finance
Josie DiLuzio, IT Manager
John Karastamatis, Director of Communications
Mark Lavaway, Director of Labour Relations/Business Development
Chris Dorscht, Senior Marketing Manager
Sue Toth, Communications Manager
J. Randy Alldread, Public Relations Manager
Laurel Purvis, Assistant to David Mirvish

Email: info@mirvish.com

Please address employment inquiries and resumes to
Human Resources, Mirvish Productions,
284 King St. West,
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J2.

Inquiries on Theatre rentals can be sent to rentals@mirvish.com

Playscripts or other material submitted for consideration should be mailed to New Play Development, Mirvish Productions at the same address.

Technical Resources and Seamless Costumes

Link here for Mirvish Productions' Technical Resources and Seamless Costumes website.