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The Lion King Auditions



Callback Dates: February - April 2024

Rehearsals Begin: September 9, 2024

Shows Begin: November 2, 2024

Contract Type: 1-year CAEA contract, A+ House


We are seeking strong male-identifying and female-identifying singers who move very well - late teens - mid 40’s.


Please prepare either a brief, classic R&B, pop or rock & roll song of your choosing that showcases your voice range OR pick one of the songs provided on the link below. “Greatest Love Of All” (Soprano or Alto Keys) or “Overjoyed” (Tenor or Bass Keys). If the character singer is notated below, please prepare something appropriate for that character or prepare your own unique take of the songs provided.

If you choose to sing your own material, please sing along with an accompaniment-only track. If singing one of the provided songs, you will find sheet music and melody/accompaniment tracks below. When recording your video, please use the accompaniment-only track (without melody). Please DO NOT sing music from THE LION KING or any standard Broadway theatre music.

When taping, you must film horizontally with good lighting and clear sound. At the beginning of your video, please include a slate with your name, height, full body pan (head to toe) and location. Also, attach your headshot (a snapshot is fine) and resumé to your submission.

Optional provided audition materials can be accessed here: Audition Materials


He/Him. Late 20’s – Early 40’s. Any ethnicity. A lion. Mufasa’s brother and Simba’s uncle. Evil and maniacal but still capable of humor and high style. Scar will do anything to be the King of the Pridelands. This role requires an exceptional actor (Classical training is a plus) who is also a character singer.

He/Him. Mid 30’s – Mid 40’s. An African lion. The King of the African Pridelands. Simba’s father and Scar’s brother. Regal, omnipotent and powerful. A true leader. Must have physical strength and an excellent, rich baritone singing and speaking voice.

He/Him. Late teens – Late 20’s. 5'8" - 6'2". An African lion. On his journey to find his purpose and ultimately face his destiny to be King. Must be charismatic as well as a strong pop/rock singing voice. Should be a high baritone with a sustained “A4”. Must be in excellent physical condition as well as be able to dance and/or move very well.

She/Her. Late teens – Late 20’s. 5'4" and up. A lion. Best friends with Simba, and later their friendship deepens into love. Tradition dictates that one day she will be Queen. Should have excellent pop belt with a sustained “E5.” Must be charismatic and charming and be in excellent physical condition, as well as the ability to dance/and or move well.

He/Him. Late 20’s – Mid 40’s. Any ethnicity. A wise-cracking meerkat. Character actor with comedic skills and strong New York/Brooklyn dialects. No taller than 5’8”. Character singer. Actor must move well and be comfortable operating a puppet.

He/Him. Late 20’s – Mid 40’s. Any ethnicity. Not so bright but loveable warthog. Timon’s sidekick. Sympathetic and warm-hearted. Should also have strong comedic skills. Somewhat larger frame or body type is preferred. Character singer with a big-hearted distinctive voice is preferred.

He/Him. Early 30’s – Mid 40’s. Any ethnicity. A parrot-like bird (or a hornbill). Mufasa’s trusted advisor. A proper and somewhat befuddled, English butler with a cynical outlook on life but completely dedicated to the King. Must possess strong comedic skills. Character singer. Actor must be comfortable operating a puppet.

Female and Male
SHENZI She/Her & BANZAI He/Him: Mid 20’s – Late 30’s. Part of the trio of Hyenas. Always on the lookout for someone to taunt, tease or threaten. Street smart and maniacal. Must have strong rock and roll singing voices, move well and be comfortable operating a puppet.

He/Him. Late 20’s – Late 30’s. Any ethnicity. Part of the trio of hyenas. Follows the lead of Shenzi and Banzai with enthusiasm and dedication but can be evil and maniacal. Communicates in complete nonsense language but is still completely understood. Must have strong rock and roll singing voice with extended falsetto. Actors must move well and be comfortable operating a puppet. Ed will also cover Timon and Zazu.


We are seeking strong ADULT (18+) male and female singers who move very well to be considered for leads and ensemble/covers.

Due to the anticipated high number of actors, we unfortunately are unable to contact and follow up with each person. Casting will reach out to schedule a callback if you are a potential fit for any role.


Audition information for Dancers and Children will be posted at a later date. 

Send an email to:
Please note, due to overwhelming response, questions for feedback will not be addressed.