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Friday December 1, 2017

Kaitlynn Furse



>> Kaitlynn Furse: Good morning, everybody. Thank you for being here.  I would like to welcome you to a very special day and introduce our chief marketing officer, Rhonda English.

Rhonda English

CAA Chief Marketing Officer

>> Rhonda English: As an organization we’re always looking for new surprises and delights for our members and ways to give back to them, and so today I am so pleased, and we are pleased to be here with David Mirvish and the Mirvish Production team to announce a marketing partnership between two iconic Canadian brands. So, we have CAA who is one of the largest membership associations in Canada and Mirvish Productions, which is the leading theatrical organization in the country. So, we are just thrilled to be here and I'm happy to announce that as of today, officially, we are all on the stage of the CAA Theatre newly named;  formally the Panasonic!


>> Rhonda English: In addition to that, we will be hosting exclusive member events at the newly branded CAA lounges in the historic Royal Alexander Theatre and the Princess of Wales Theatre so, we’re really excited about that.

David Mirvish

Mirvish Productions

>> David Mirvish: It’s an absolute pleasure to be associated with CAA. My father and I, I think as soon as we had a car, we had a membership. And I’ve done the same with all my children. So, it’s a relationship that has given us comfort and service at important moments of our lives. This partnership weaves CAA into the cultural fabric of Canada’s largest city and gives its members access to some of the best live theatre in the country. Welcoming CAA members into the Mirvish family will nurture new audiences and grow the base of our theatre-goers and further strengthen the performing art industry in this country. It’s especially pleasing to have the CAA name on an actual theatre. It makes the partnership concrete. It makes it real and for that we are very, very grateful and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.