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North By Northwest Interview with Jonathan Watton


Jonathan Watton

‘Roger Thornhill’

>>Jonathan Watton: As soon as the play starts our goal is to keep you on the edge of your seat.

>>Actor: The car is waiting outside. You walk between us. Say nothing.

>>Jonathan Watton: The whole creative team has managed to put something together that is just really inventive.


>>Jonathan Watton: Some of the large scenes, the crop duster chase scene, the climb across Mount Rushmore, anyone that knows the film is gonna say “well, how are you gonna? How can they possibly do that on stage? Are they gonna, you know… Is it gonna be mechanics and large set pieces?”


>>Jonathan Watton: There are some A.V and projection elements for sure that are used.  We never just kind of play film. What it is, is live- Everything is live and everything is created there on the spot.  So if you see a projection, someone is creating the projection right now for you.  You get to see what you’re watching and how it gets created.  There’s nothing kind of hidden in the sense.


>>Jonathan Watton: Things are kind of subtlety different from show to show. And people slightly in the middle of the show kind of catch on to it. “Oh, no, no, everything we’re seeing is happening, like someone’s over there doing some aside.” I think they just get more and more engaged in it.


>>Jonathan Watton: And it’s a thriller so, you as an audience member, you need to be excited and engaged and kind of on the edge of your seat.  Whether you know the film, or don’t know the film, you’re really going to have a great time. I think the audiences have enjoyed the inventiveness because they get to see how things are kind of unfolding and been made around them.


North By North West

Adapted by Carolyn Burns

Directed by Simon Phillips

Royal Alexandra Theatre - September 19 to October 29