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Beautiful,  The Carol King Musical: interview with Chilina Kennedy and Liam Tobin


Beautiful: The Carol King Musical

Chilina Kennedy, Carole King

>> Chilina Kennedy: My agent and I had talked early on about if there was ever a production of Beautiful that comes to Toronto, you know, I would love to do it. So, when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it!

Liam Tobbin, Gerry Goffin

>>Liam Tobin: I’m Canadian, and I also live in Toronto, so it’s really great to come home and work in my city.


>> Chilina Kennedy: The relationship between Carole and Gerry, that is, uh, for me that is so much of what the show is. Because from that comes this great collaboration, and amazing iconic songs that everybody knows.

>>Liam Tobin: We start out in the late 50’s when Carole and Gerry first meet at Queen’s College in New York. They strike up a very quick romance and writing partnership and we kind of get to see them write amazing amount of hits for so many other groups like “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” or “Natural Woman”


>>Liam Tobin: I kinda went on a similar journey that the audience does in the show of “Oh, they wrote that song too? And that one, oh I know that song.” It’s a lot of fun in that regard.

>> Chilina Kennedy: Carole came to see it when I was doing it, she came in disguise! She emailed me to tell me she was gonna come, and I asked her not to tell me when she was going to come, because I knew I would be very nervous if I knew she was in the audience.


Beautiful, The Carole King Story

June 27 – August 20 – Ed Mirvish Theatre

416-872-1212  -   MIRVISH.COM