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How does the Mirvish Subscription Referral Program work?

 >>Let us explain. This is Sandra.  She is a current Mirvish Subscriber.

Sandra asks her friend Alex if she would like to Subscribe with her. Alex agrees, as she also loves going to the theatre!

Sandra is referring Alex as a new Subscriber.

So, Sandra saves 10% on her Subscription seat and so does Alex.

Now, if Sandra were to invite Alex, plus her two other friends James and Daniel to Subscribe, Sandra would now save 30% on her Subscription seat and Alex, James and Daniel would each save 10% on their seat.

Let’s take this a step further…

If Sandra were to refer 10 of her friends and family members, each of them would receive 10% off their Subscription seat and Sandra would get her Subscription seat for free!  Everyone is happy!

The referral program doesn’t stop there.  Each of Sandra’s friends, who are now Subscribers, could also start referring their friends, so they will start saving just like Sandra. 

Spread the word about Mirvish Subscription and start saving now!

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