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We are hopeful that we will be able to re-open our theatres this autumn. Certain other countries have re-opened their theatres or are about to. Australian theatres have been operating since January 2021. Theatres in the UK are poised to re-open at 100% on June 21. In the United States, theatres are now open at 25% and are gearing up to open at 100% in September. In each of these cases, government public health officials have  provided the timeline, framework and protocols for a safe re-opening. It will be the same in Canada. We will not act alone; we will take all our directives from government and public health officials. We will update you as new details are available.

Updated May 7, 2020

After many conversations with our friends at HAMILTON, we can now tell you the show will indeed return to Toronto to resume the engagement that was cut short on March 13, 2020.

The HAMILTON producers’ new goal is to return to Toronto within an 18-month period from now. The exact dates are not yet known, but it is the producers’ intention to restart HAMILTON in Toronto at their earliest opportunity. 

Of course, none of this can happen until the health and safety of the audience, artists and staff have been assured by our  public health officials. 

In the scheme of things, 18 months is not that far away. It may very well be that long before total public safety is restored, and you will be able to celebrate at HAMILTON.

Those ticket-holders with tickets to performances that were cancelled who choose to retain the value of their tickets as a credit for HAMILTON will have first priority for tickets to the new engagement at the same price and in they same section as the original tickets.

Those who opt for a refund will not have this privilege, but will have access in second position.

Once the new dates of HAMILTON have been finalized, those who had with tickets to performances that were cancelled will be the first be be notified.

In the meanwhile, be well, stay safe and make the most of the valuable time at home with your loved ones.

When a show is cancelled, the most secure and efficient way to deal with the value of tickets is to automatically turn the total amount (the face value of the ticket plus any service charges) into Mirvish account credits for each original purchaser.

This guarantees that you will not lose your money and that your personal information, such as credit card details, are not compromised.

These credits will live in your Mirvish/TicketKing account and are yours to use as you choose in the future.

You can use the credits to purchase tickets to any future show and/or to pay for a subscription.

You can even choose to turn part or all of the credits into a gift card, which would make a very thoughtful and entertaining gift.

Credits never expire and can be converted into a full cash refund at any time. They offer the most flexibility.

You actually don’t have to do anything. We will automatically credit your account with the full value of your tickets (including all service fees). 

If you have tickets to more than one cancelled show, you will receive an email with the full amount of credit issued.

A Mirvish credit is also the best way to support the performing arts as it will provide future work for the artists, backstage artisans, ushers, box office personnel and all the other people who make theatre possible in Toronto. A credit is your vote of confidence in the return of a strong and vibrant artistic community.

Login into your account.  Go to ACCOUNT in upper left corner.  Click CHECK AVAILABLE MIRVISH/TICKETKING CREDIT.

Yes. When we have shows on-sale you will be able to access and use your credit online.

Once you have a credit, you may want to convert it into a refund. Please call 1.800.461.3333 from Monday to Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

To apply your credit to a renewed 2020/21 Subscription on an instalment plan or towards your un-renewed Subscription seats, you may email with your subscriber number or call 1.800.461.3333 from Monday to Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

Refunds cannot be reversed once processed; banks will be notified when a refund is processed to a closed account and will forward the funds to the active account.

Upcoming performances can be seen by logging into your online account (which may include performances that have been cancelled but not yet processed). Details and use of available credit can only be obtained at this time by calling 1.800.461.3333 from Monday to Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

You can apply for a GIFT CERTIFICATE or request a refund. This would be credited to the person who purchased the tickets.

Don't worry! We can locate you by the email address you used to make the purchase.

We've long warned about the perils of purchasing from a re-seller: no guarantee of authenticity of tickets; exorbitant mark-ups from the face value of tickets; and no recourse should something happen, such as Covid-19. Unfortunately, we cannot help you. You need to contact the website or person you bought your tickets from.

In consideration of the rapidly evolving situation around Coronarvirus-19 and the recommendations made by Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health we have made the decision to postpone our public on sale date until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and to stay in contact with government and health organisations in Canada to ensure we are following the very latest advice.

We understand that this delay is disappointing; please remember that this postponement is temporary. We will provide updates about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child public on sale at and

Thank you for your understanding in this rapidly developing situation, where the health and safety of audiences and staff must come first. We look forward to sharing a magical experience with you very soon.

Theatre & General

Mirvish Productions owns and operates the Royal Alexandra, Princess of Wales, Ed Mirvish and CAA (formerly the Panasonic) Theatres. There are times when other theatres and venues are used for our productions. This will be clearly noted on this website.

TicketKing is the official ticket agent for the Mirvish Theatres. Tickets can be purchased by phone at 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333. Official websites for the Mirvish Theatres are and

Be aware that the theatre may refuse to honour a ticket known to have been acquired from an unauthorised source. Ticket brokers and agents - also known as scalpers, or touts - buy tickets to popular events in bulk, in advance, to resell later at a profit. It is illegal in Ontario to sell a theatre ticket for more than the price printed on the ticket. Scalpers slip under the law by selling tickets at face value, but adding on administrative charges and finder's fees that can double or triple the price. Brokers have also been known to sell counterfeit and stolen tickets. While some brokers and agents are reputable and provide a service to the desperate, it is an expensive service and the buyer must beware.

Babes in arms or children under the age of two (2) are not permitted in the theatre. Children older than two (2) should be able to sit quietly in their own seats throughout a performance. If you are in doubt about bringing a child to any particular production, please ask before buying tickets. Please be aware that if you do bring a young child and that child creates any disturbance, you may be asked to leave the auditorium. Some individual shows, may set higher age limits; if so, this will be posted on our website. Parents are reminded, however, that most live, professional theatre - unless specifically advertised as being for children or "for the whole family" - is intended as adult entertainment and may not be enjoyed by, or be suitable for, children.

Both the Fire Code and theatre insurance policies require everyone in a live theatre audience, regardless of age, to have an assigned seat and a ticket. This is the case even if the child sits in your lap and not in his assigned seat.

No children under the age of 12 will be admitted without a guardian.

Booster seats are available at the coat check on a first-come-first-serve basis, for use by patrons up to four feet in height.  Please note that not all seat locations may be suitable for the use of booster seats.

There is no formal dress code enforced in our theatres. Most of the people you will see in the audience will probably be dressed in a "business casual" style.

We are committed to ensuring the enjoyment of all patrons. In consideration of those in the audience who may have allergies and chemical sensitivities, please refrain from wearing cologne, perfume or other scented products. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction due to your seating location, please contact the House Manager about the possibility of a relocation.

For your convenience, all of our theatres have a coat check. The cost is $2.50
Royal Alexandra - The coat check is located in the Yale Simpson Lounge (lower level).
Princess of Wales - The coat check is located on the main entrance of the lobby.
Ed Mirvish - The coat check is located on the mezzanine level.
CAA (formerly the Panasonic) - The coat check is located on the main entrance of the lobby.

If you are travelling immediately following the performance and need to check a small bag, you can do so at the coat check stations at the Princess of Wales, Royal Alex and Ed Mirvish Theatres.

We suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the show.

All performances begin promptly as scheduled, and there are no refunds for latecomers. Latecomers will be admitted only at a suitable break in the performance, and seating location will be at the discretion of the management. If you are late, it may not be possible to seat you until the intermission; if the production has no intermission, you may not be admitted at all. Latecomers may watch the show on the television in the lounge.

If you leave your seat during the performance, we will re-seat you only at a suitable break in the performance, which might not be until the intermission. Seating location will be at the discretion of the management.

Different shows have different running times. The approximate running times of our shows - including any intermissions - are posted with the show's pricing and scheduling information on this web site.

While some of the non-theatrical events offered through this web site by TicketKing may have senior/adult/student/child pricing, most theatre productions do not; the price of the ticket is determined by seat location, date and time and is the same for all ages. If graduated pricing is not specifically advertised, it is not available.

Group discounts are available for most of our events. The minimum size of a "group" may vary with different events - for most live theatre productions, the minimum order for a group discount is 20 persons. Please check our Group Sales page for full details.

Gift Cards/Certificates are redeemable by phone (with a service charge), online (with a service charge) or in-person at the box office (no service charge). Gift Cards/Certificates can be used to purchase any ticket event that is sold through TicketKing.

Gift Certificate do not have an expiry date and are good for the life of the theatre.

No. Cameras, video cameras, cell phones and any other sound or image-recording devices are all strictly forbidden in theatres. Bring one in and attempt to use it and you may be asked to leave the theatre immediately. Any photos taken may be confiscated and destroyed.

So as not to disturb others, please refrain from tweeting and texting during the show. When the curtain goes up, your device must be turned off. We do however encourage folks to tweet us pre and post show and during intermission @mirvish

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the theatre.  A variety of snacks and drinks are available for purchase on site and all are allowed in the auditorium. If prohibited, there will be signage indicating this at the theatre.  We are committed to ensuring the enjoyment of all patrons. As a reminder, please refrain from munching, crunching or the rattling of bags.

That would be lots of fun, but, unfortunately, no. Visitors are not permitted backstage; no one not in the cast or crew is permitted on stage. Many people go to the stage door after the show to see and meet cast members - and get autographs - but both the stage and the backstage area are strictly off-limits to anyone not directly involved with the production. This is not because we are mean, but is for reasons of safety (and insurance).

There is wheelchair and assisted seating available in all our theatres. The locations, however, vary in different venues. Note: The Royal Alexandra Theatre is a National Historic Landmark building of 19th-century design. It has no elevators or escalators, with stair access only to the 2 balconies, with the upper balcony having a steep rake. Wheelchair seating is available in the orchestra (main floor) only and is accessible directly from the street without any steps. If you require wheelchair seating - or have any other special seating needs - please call TicketKing at 416.872.1212 or 1.800.461.3333 for help before making your ticket purchase. You can read about special-needs seating by clicking here.

The Royal Alexandra, the Princess of Wales, the Ed Mirvish and the CAA (formerly the Panasonic) are all equipped with infra-red listening systems for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. These systems require use of headsets which are available, free of charge, at the theatre coat-check counters (at the lobby concession desk in the Royal Alexandra).
Please reserve a headset, as there are limited numbers, by calling 416.593.0351, ext. 2014 or email at least 48 hours before your performance. Patrons borrowing headsets will be asked to leave a piece of photo ID or credit card (as a form of security deposit) which will be given back when the undamaged headset is returned, following the performance.

Mirvish Productions offers open-captioned performances for select shows. Patrons are advised to email your inquiries to or call TicketKing toll-free at 1-800-461-3333 for more information.

If you have any specific seating needs, please call TicketKing toll-free at 1-800-461-3333 for more information - before making your ticket purchase.

Sorry, but the answer is no. Reserved-seat theatre ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. Make sure you get the date right when you make your purchase.

If you lose your tickets, please call TicketKing as soon as you become aware of the loss: 416.872.1212 or 1.800.461.3333. We cannot always reprint your tickets, but we can issue a seating voucher for you to pick up at the box office. Please note, however, that vouchers and replacement tickets will be issued ONLY to the person who bought the ticket in the first place; if you lose tickets purchased or otherwise acquired from a third party, you must ask the original purchaser to make the request.

Print-at-home tickets are sent to you as PDF attachments to an email and you should receive them almost immediately - certainly within a day of your order. If you have not received them by the next day, please call TicketKing at 416.872.1212 or 1.800.461.3333. Please note: the two most common reasons why people do not receive their print-at-home tickets are (1) they have entered incorrect email addresses in their orders; (2) the email is mistakenly flagged as spam and rejected. To ensure email from TicketKing reaches your inbox, please add to your email address book or spam filter permission list.

No, we cannot. The mailing address on your order must match the billing address registered for the credit card used. This is for your protection as well as ours. If you don't want your tickets mailed to you, you can request that they be held for you at the box office.

Anyone collecting pre-purchased tickets at the box office must show the credit card with which the tickets were purchased... or a signed letter from the card-holder, quoting the card number, and authorising him to make the pick-up. This rule is to prevent fraudulent use of an improperly obtained credit card number in any telephone or online transaction.

No, sorry, we cannot do this. Tickets are not "reserved" until purchased. They cannot be held for you against future payment.

You can make cash payments at any of our theatre box offices - and any box office can handle tickets for any of the theatres. Click here for box office locations and hours.

All our quoted prices are in Canadian dollars.

We do not set separate price lists in other currencies. Rates of exchange vary daily. If you make a ticket purchase by credit card, we will bill your card in Canadian dollars. Your credit card company will, in turn, bill you in your local currency, applying the rate of exchange it has set on the date on which the exchange is made.

The only tax applied is the 13% Harmonized and Services Tax (HST), similar to the British VAT. This tax is included in the quoted ticket price; it is not added on.

Unfortunately, no. Refunds are given only on taxes paid on goods purchased in Canada and exported, unused, from Canada. Your theatre ticket is considered "used" in Canada and the tax paid on it is not refundable.

That one's almost impossible to answer. First, it depends on the show; different set designs can affect the view from different seats - for example, the elevation of the stage, the height of the set, the rake (angle up) of the stage, the width of the set. Second, much depends on personal preferences - for example, many people insist on sitting in the first two or three rows - wouldn't dream of sitting anywhere else - while others find the first rows too close for comfort (or for a full view of the action); some people love the box seats for their roominess and their aura of exclusivity, while others say they don't like the box seats' angled view of the stage. Generally speaking, 'though, most people would probably agree that the best stage views in any of the theatres - most of the time - would be those enjoyed from seats (1) nearest the centre, in the front-middle of the orchestra (ground) level; or (2) those nearest the centre in either the first few rows of the first balcony (also known as the "dress circle" or "mezzanine") or the first two or three rows of the second balcony ("the gods"). Before buying your seats, have a good look at our seating maps.

There is no requirement that you purchase advance tickets. You may buy your tickets at the box office as you enter the theatre, but you will be gambling that there are still seats available. Many performances sell out well in advance and you may find that your seating choices are very limited, if there are any remaining seats at all.

This information is all available on our web site. Just click here for maps and directions... and here for a list of area restaurants... and here for a guide to area hotels. Please note that it is sometimes possible to purchase hotel/theatre ticket packages or theatre/restaurant packages for some of our productions; discounted hotel rates, when available, are provided for those who purchase tickets and book their hotel rooms at the same time. Information on current packages is available ONLY through the TicketKing phone centre at 1.800.461.3333 or 416.872.1212

No, not while there is an audience in the theatre. You may certainly ask the cast, crew and front-of-house staff to stay late and perform privately for you, but you will then be responsible for paying them, not to mention renting the theatre.

Mirvish Express - Luxury Coach Service

The London Mirvish Express route is operated by Great Canadian Holidays and Coaches Inc. They are based in Kitchener, Ontario.

Buses are clearly identified with the Mirvish logo. You can't miss it!

Buses always run unless passengers are notified otherwise or there are no bookings. Un-booked buses may be cancelled at any time with notification.  Pick-up and departure times may vary depending on weather and traffic conditions.

Patrons are advised to arrive at their departure location at least 15 minutes prior to departure. Please check your local traffic report to ensure you arrive on time. Buses leave at posted times.

All passengers require a ticket to get on the bus.  If you misplace your ticket, please call TicketKing at 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333.  A passenger manifest is provided to the bus driver for each trip. Please check-in with the driver for any last minute assistance.

No. The bus order must be made in conjunction with a ticket purchase to one of the shows at our theatres.

The bus only stops to pick up or drop off riders. A washroom is available on-board the bus. Please plan to bring along your own food and beverage for your trip. Alcohol is not permitted.

Yes. Please note that management takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Do not leave any items of value on the bus. 

Yes! We are happy to provide free WiFi service for all passengers!  
The London Mirvish Express is not accessible, though accommodation can be made for those in a wheelchair.  Please call TicketKing at 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333 for availability. 
The Peterborough and Niagara Falls Mirvish Express buses are accessible and can accommodate 1 wheelchair.  Please call TicketKing at  or  for availability. 

Patrons with walking assisted devices (walkers or wheelchairs) can store it below the bus.  Please ask the driver for assistance.  The bus does “kneel” to ensure a smoother transfer from bus to street/sidewalk level. Scooters can be stored but must be loaded by the passenger.

There are no refunds or cancellations.