Dwight Yoakam

DWIGHT YOAKAM is coming to Toronto!

One of America’s most prolific songwriters and dynamic performers, DWIGHT YOAKAM, brings his distinctive perspective on love, loss and surviving both to Canadian audiences to the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto. Yoakam’s ability to deliver tales of unrequited love, fresh heartbreak and other “honky-tonk” foibles with unapologetic emotion and hips swaying is why audiences can’t just listen—they move to his music. Whether performing traditional country, cow punk, honky tonk, or bluegrass-- the sound is quintessential DWIGHT YOAKAM. Vanity Fair declared that “Yoakam strides the divide between rock’s lust and country’s lament.” That stride comes with a sizeable portion of swagger, and the audience comes away all the better for it.