Show Tune Idol


We asked you to send us videos of your best performance of a show tune. You responded with thousands of submissions. Our casting directors have watched them all and have narrowed it down to 24. We bring you 12 this issue, and we will have the other 12 in our next one. All you have to do is watch this week’s 12 and vote for your favourite. Next week, you’ll do the same. Once we tabulate the results, we will let our three judges — uber casting director Stephanie Gorin and our favourite chat show hosts, Steffi D and Lisa H — decide who will win #1, #2 and #3 spots. Trust us, you’ll love these show tune videos. They are great entertainment and they introduce us to  some great undiscovered talent. 

Thank you for voting! Voting is now closed.

You can still watch your favourite singers by linking to the YouTuble compilation.