We continue to see a large number of fraudulent tickets at our theatres. People have purchased these tickets from a variety of online sources — Kijiji, Craigslist and other sites that trade in resale tickets. In each instance, the tickets were fake. Many of these people were out hundreds of dollars. 

Why would anyone risk buying resale tickets? The chances of these tickets being valid are very slim. Even if the tickets are valid, you will have paid a massive markup on the face value.
At Mirvish Productions we strive to offer great shows at great value. We always offer tickets at various price levels, often from as low as $39. Furthermore, we are always available to assist those who bought directly from us — customer service is our priority.
Here are some tips for buying tickets online:
  • Only buy from the official ticket source. For shows at all the Mirvish theatres, the source is exclusively
  • When using a search engine, always use the phrase "official ticket source”. And be wary of the listings that are clearly marked AD. These are paid listings and are disguised to fool unsuspecting customers. Don’t be fooled. Read the fine print. If it says these are resale tickets, leave the site immediately.
  • If the site sells tickets in US funds, you will know it is dealing in risky tickets. Official legitimate tickets sites in Canada sell only in Canadian funds.
  • If the performance you would like to purchase does not have any available seats on, don’t give up. Sometimes tickets become available closer to the performance date. Check again. Or choose another date.
  • It is common nowadays for people to make their plans last minute. Go against the crowd; plan ahead. Booking in advance gives you the best seat locations at the best price. 
Live theatre has always been about entertainment, enlightenment and discourse. It has provided joy and insights for eons. And, best of all, it creates a sense of community of total strangers who share a magical performance together. Don’t let a few unscrupulous people hijack it so that they can profit by ripping you off.