Meanwhile on King Street West… 

  November 8, 2019  

As I left my house this morning frost crunched underfoot, and my breath made little, visible puffs. It was very depressing so today I’m choosing to think of more pleasant pursuits. 

Meanwhile on King Street West…

Full disclosure- I’m not an Islander. 

I have always wanted to visit ‘The Rock’ (and I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson) so it is only fair to warn you that I begin this article with an unreasonable amount of jealousy. 

Our lucky winners, out of a sense of generosity or gloating, have been kind enough to share some of the highlights of their trip with me so I could live vicariously through them. 

A few months ago we ran a contest where the winners would get to have a Come From Away experience that would take them beyond the stage. The lucky contestants arrived in Gander, Newfoundland a.k.a. “the middle of nowhere” where they were met by Brian Mosher, Oz Fudge and Beulah Cooper, three of the larger-than-life Newfoundlanders that inspired the characters of Come From Away

Just like the show, the trip served up laughs, excitement, and a dose of pathos. Needless to say, their hearts were warmed by the kind welcome that only Newfoundland can provide.   

The winners walked in the steps of the passengers from the 38 planes; tasted the delicacies of a Jigg’s Dinner; visited the town hall, the Legion, and Dover Fault (where Nick and Diane, two of the characters in the show and also real-life people, had a very special moment); saw touching reminders of the tragedy of 9/11, including hand-written notes from those who were stranded, and a monument made of a piece of the twin towers; and no trip would be complete without being screeched in. 

Here is a selection of the photos our gracious winners have shared: